「地球上で最も顧客中心主義」= 顧客の声を聞く、発明する、パーソナライズ




<Jeff Bezos – How To Start A Business>

Q: When you talk to them when they bring out the CEO to talk to these people what’s the mission statement you tell them first?

A: It’s earth’s most customer centric company and I explain what we mean by that because we have a very precise definition for “customer centric”. It means, listen, invent and personalize.



First, you have to listen to customers. Companies that don’t listen to customers fail.


Second, you have to invent for customers because companies that only listen to customers fail. It’s not the customer’s job to invent for themselves. It’s our job at amazon.com to invent things like one-click and other things like sales rank going from 1 to 18 million those kinds of things that customers really like. That’s our job not theirs to think of that.


Third is personalize take every individual customer and put them at the center of their own universe.


And then when we talk about Earth’s most customer centric company we mean that in a very broad way this is bigger than Amazon a call what we want to do is sort of uplift the worldwide standards for customer service and customer centricity so this is sort of like Sony born right after World War 2 is a company that set out if you go and look at their early mission statement it was not to be known for quality it was to make Japan known for quality not Sony but Japan and that’s sort of what we want to do we want to do something bigger than amazon.com.





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